The King Blues Big Issue Tour

10 Jan

The inherent goodness of man (and women) can all to easily be lost in corrupt governments, war, poverty and disease, so it is nice when people are in a position to give something back. It reminds you it’s there, somewhere.

Next month the King Blues will be taking their fantastic live set across Britain in support of homeless charity, the Big Issue. As Itch from the King Blues explains…

“The beginning of the year’s a pretty shitty time to be homeless. It’s cold, it’s wet and everyone’s skint. After the Christmas love inevitably comes the new year come down.

As many of you know, I was homeless as a teenager and I was thrown a real lifeline by The Big Issue. It not only made it possible for me to no longer have to beg but also cut down massively on police harassment – I couldn’t be moved on from my designated area for no reason. When times were at their toughest, The Big Issue really helped me out.

So we’ve decided to once again team up for a February tour. All you need to do to get in to the gigs for free is to buy a copy of The Big Issue – this will act as your ticket and you can be satisfied in the knowledge that your money is going directly to the vendor rather than on chuggers and admin. The Big Issue costs £1.50 but we wholeheartedly recommend you let the vendor keep the change.

Feb 5 – Fire, Vauxhall, London

Feb 8 – Birmingham, Barfly

Feb 9 – Cardiff, Barfly

Feb 10 – Bristol, The Croft

Feb 11 – Liverpool, Barfly

Feb 14 – Glasgow, Barfly

All shows are first come, first served.”

Taken from Official King Blues Site


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